Thursday, October 04, 2007

Grant Gives Old Rape Cases New Life Possible Resolution

Kansas City, Missouri has received a federal grant so they can examine the evidence in unsolved rape cases from as long ago as 30 years. This is great news since at least some of these cases will have DNA evidence. Unless the law was recently changed, there is no statute of limitations in Missouri.

I hope this grant makes rapists around the country nervous since this type of effort is becoming more common. Now we just need to ensure that the statute of limitations in other states don't make the results of work like this pointless.

Update: Gathering DNA from cold cases may lead to more convictions like this one:

Mooning a police officer was community activist Steven Lee Myrick's undoing. Myrick, 41, was convicted by a jury Tuesday of raping a Hawthorne woman during a burglary seven years ago. The crime was unsolved until he exposed his bare buttocks years later and a DNA sample collected by officers linked him to the rape.

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