Friday, October 05, 2007

The Imfamous Lynch Mob In The Duke "Rape" Case

In a variety of posts about HBO buying the rights to a book about the Duke case I have seen the claim that there was a lynch mob out to get the lacrosse players. This is a flat out lie, yet people who call themselves supportive of truthtellers and lie exposers have no problem validating and repeating this blatant lie. This is all the more appalling when it comes from people who claim to oppose false allegations and who claim to support telling only the truth.

This lie does 2 things. 1) It exaggerates the actions of the DA and those who spoke up against the lacrosse players. 2) It minimizes and sanitizes the actions of real lynch mobs.

Some people have gone further and claimed that the Duke case was an exact reversal of the worst injustices in the past against black men when this is clearly not true. Black men were lynched. All the Duke lacrosse players are still alive and not one of them was falsely convicted or dragged out toward the nearest tree where a noose was waiting.

I don't believe that this lie is being repeated accidentally. The only way it could be accidental is for the person to not know what a real lynching is. If people are that ill-informed then they have no business writing anything about the Duke case or any other rape case.

If anyone described as being in the lynch mob had been plotting to murder these young men, they would have been charged with a crime. As they should have been.

This hyperbole also works to hide the reality that when it comes to violence against those involved in rape cases, those who report rape are at a much higher risk of being assaulted or even the subject of a murder plot. But none of these people who throw around the phrase "Duke lynch mob" calls supporters of alleged rapists a lynch mob even when they say the alleged rape victim deserves to die or when they take actions to harm alleged rape victims.

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At October 06, 2007 7:44 AM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

You say that people who call the Duke Rape Hoax a Lynch mob type of action exxagerate "the actions of the DA and those who spoke up against the lacrosse players."

Please provide evidence that the actions of the DA and of those who condemned the lacrosse players were exaggeratted. Please provide examples. In previous blogs about the Duke Rape Hoax, you spoke out against people who make unsubstantiated allegations. Without evidence, your allegations about these exaggerations are unsubstantiated, and maybe you should not make them.

The North Carolina Bar found as matters of fact that Nifong tried to inflame public opinion against the defendants, tried to undermine their right to representation by counsel, tried to unermine their right to remain silent when questioned by the authorities, tried to undermine their right to the presumption of innocence, all basic rights guaranteed by the United States Constitution. It also found that Nifong had deliberately withheld exculpatory evidence from the defense, evidence he was obligated to turn over to the defense by North Carolina law. In his contempt trial, Nifong was found to have lied to the court about the exculpatory evidence. If he had a strong case would he have resorted to such tactics. Is it an exaggeration that he resorted to such tactics.

Worthies such as Wendy Murphy, Nancy Grace, the NAACP, the New Black Panther Party, the part of the Duke Faculty known as the gang of 88, the New York Times, the Durham Herald Sun, The Independent Weekly in Durham, the Raleigh News Observer for a while, ESPN for a while, much of the population of Durham, the Pot Bangers all supported Nifong, even after the evidence of his frankly illegal, improper behavior is prosecuting this case came out.

So I ask you again to provide evidence, concrete examples of how Nifong's actions and his supportes actions were exaggerated by the Lacrosse team supporters.

Or are you going to take your usual action and just delete this post because you can not face the truth?

At October 06, 2007 9:28 AM, Blogger Marcella Chester said...

Anonymous, Nifong did not try to lynch the lacrosse players and none of your evidence has any relation to lynching. Nobody else tried to lynch them and none of your evidence has any relation to lynching.

You resort to distraction to hide this reality.

When you talk about Nifong trying to undermine the lacrosse players constitutional rights you exaggerate. If they were denied their legal presumption of innocence they would have been thrown in jail and left there until trial or until the investigation ended and they would have been blocked from meeting with their attorneys. That didn't happen and there was no attempt to make that happen.

You demonstrate your lack of understanding or your lack of truthfulness when you deny that ESPN can presume their guilt without violating anyone's constitutional rights. The court of public opinion is not a legal court despite attempts to treat it as if it were when that furthers your agenda.

If you have proof of any actual lynching attempt or any attempt to kill any of the lacrosse players in other ways, then you need to provide that proof.

At October 06, 2007 12:11 PM, Blogger UneFemmePlusCourageuse said...

If you want to read a really powerful piece about the horrors of lynching...

But it doesn't really matter how tough Nifong was being on the boys, or how much he was trying to prove their guilt--he still wasn't trying to lynch them--therefore the 'lynch mob' accusations are sensationalistic and trivializing of what lynching actually is.

At October 06, 2007 4:57 PM, Blogger Marcella Chester said...

Unefemme, thanks for the link.

Anonymous, go read that article. I doubt the reality of lynching will stop you from calling non-lynchers a lynch mob, but you should read it anyway.

Then read about the recent apology over the way that 14-year-old Emmett Till's murder (after he allegedly whistled at a white woman) was handled and how it took over 50 years for an apology.

A true reversal of old injustices would have resulted in the murder of one or more lacrosse players for the crime of insulting a black woman and no real effort by the police or the DA to find the murderer(s) until decades later. That didn't happen and there is no evidence that anyone tried to make that happen.


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