Wednesday, October 03, 2007

Nevada Child Rape Case Shows That Assaults Can Easily Go Undetected

As far as I know the police have yet to find Chester Stiles, who is the man identified as the child rapist of the little girl on the video that had the police searching for his victim. Fortunately, the little girl was found safe and apparently doesn't remember this horrific crime which the police believe happened when the girl was at a babysitter's.

It is important to note that the rape was undetected until the police released this girl's picture. This fact doesn't reflect on the parents since offenders usually work hard to prevent their victims from disclosing. This fact illustrates that we cannot afford to dismiss statistical reports about the number of small children who are the victims of sex crimes simply because we aren't aware of those victims.

Far too many people hope that as long as they don't see this type of crime, that it doesn't exist. Beyond the obvious physical and emotional injuries, child victims can also suffer from sexually transmitted diseases.

Denial of this sort of crime makes these criminals happy and we don't want them to be happy.

Update (10/16): The police have Chester Stiles in custody now and his first hearing is scheduled for later this week.

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