Tuesday, October 16, 2007

No Rapes At Arizona State University?

Apparently there have been no rape convictions in the last 7 years if at all. Which is the same thing, right? One of the fraternaties seems to think so for obviously self-serving reasons.

This story by Anne Yeager gets to the heart of the problem with the ASU police investigations.

A woman claims on September 14 she was raped inside the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity house. Four days later, another woman claims she was sexually assaulted inside the Sigma Nu house. [...] "Besides video and witnesses, there is little you can do," said [ASU police spokesperson Jim] Hardina.

Right. If a rapist can get you alone and he rapes you without videotaping it, there is nothing the campus police can do unless someone who aided the rape by watching it without interfering decides to testify.

There is a lot that can be done without witnesses or video, but it doesn't sound like this campus police force is motivated to learn what those things are. If they did learn more, the official number of rapes on campus would go up which is likely a bad thing for the school's image.

This attitude by campus police makes those who put out this statement look stupid.

Delta Sigma Phi released a statement, that they feel vindicated and maintained their innocence all along.

There can be no vindication when the police in effect shrug and say, "Who knows what happened? Not us. We're clueless."

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