Saturday, October 27, 2007

Now Men Are Asking For It Too?

NPR in Dallas, Texas has information on Deputy Mayor Dwaine Caraway's efforts to enforce a de facto city-wide dress code for men.

From Pull Your Pants Up! campaign myspace page:

In the prison system, when a man wears his pants around his thighs it is a signal that he is available, many of these guys do not understand the meaning and history of sagging, I am not saying anything to slander the gay community, only enlightening these guys on what it really means, what you do is your business, but if a streight (sic) man is doing something that in prison signifies homosexuality, should he not have the right to know?

I can understand why some people don't like sagging pants, but invoking rape paranoia by telling men that they are consenting to gay sex through the way they wear their pants is as stupid as telling women that they are consenting to heterosexual sex through the way they wear their clothes.

Apparently, I've seen hundreds of men trolling for gay sex as they bent over and gave everyone near them an unwanted view of their butt crack.

When I say I want equality, I don't want nonsense that's been long applied to women to start getting applied to men. I'm sure some defense attorneys who represent men who rape other men are perking up at this "obvious" sign of consent.

Defense attorney during closing: "If the pants don't fit [the victim], you must acquit."

Hat tip: Grim amusements

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