Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Theft Of Services Not Rape Judge Draws Response From Bar Association

From a Boston Herald story about Judge Teresa Carr Deni:

Dominique Gindraw was accused of ordering the accuser at gunpoint to have sex with three men. But Deni dismissed the rape and sexual assault charges on Oct. 4. She upheld conspiracy, robbery, false imprisonment and other charges against Gindraw.

The chancellor of the Philadelphia Bar Association issued a statement Tuesday that questioned Deni’s understanding of state law. "The victim has been brutalized twice in this case: first by the assailants, and now by the court," Chancellor Jane Leslie Dalton wrote. "We cannot imagine any circumstances more violent or coercive than being forced to have sex with four men at gunpoint."

It took them long enough to respond to this outrageous and unacceptable ruling by Judge Deni.

Too many people want to impose their own bigotry onto sexual assault laws. In this case, I believe that the judge decided that the victim wasn't a worthy victim and made her ruling based on her personal opinion about the victim rather than on the actions of the defendant.

Basically, this judge gave her blessing for rape by saying that under specific circumstances rape isn't a crime in her courtroom.

The problem with this judgment of victims is that it feeds the rationalizations of rapists. Any demand that a rape victim meet an artificial standard to be a "real rape victim" is to demand that we allow all rapists to proceed as long as they pick acceptable victims.

I reject that demand.

We must have a zero tolerance policy for rape with no excuses allowed. I don't care if she's your wife or your girlfriend or a tease or slept with every other guy in the world or promised to sleep with you ten minutes earlier.

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