Thursday, October 18, 2007

Update On Daryl Alt Scheduled To Be Released On Halloween

I posted back in July about the efforts in Minnesota to have repeat sex offender, and convicted murderer, Daryl Alt civilly committed and to block his release from prison.

For information on the reasons Olmsted County Prosecutor Mark Ostrem believes Daryl Alt should be committed, read the official press release. This request has not yet been approved and the number of days left before his scheduled release on October 31 is diminishing.

Frankly, civil commitment is being requested because the criminal justice system failed. At 17, he murdered his father and stepmother. He made a plea deal so he was only sent to prison for 6 years for his father's murder. According to reports, after his release he tried unsuccessfully to kidnap several girls and then raped a 14-year-old girl and was sent back to prison. After his next release, in 1990 he raped a 15-year-old and left her in a cornfield for dead. His sentence for that crime is about to end.

From the latest story about this effort to block Daryl Alt's release:

5 EYEWITNESS NEWS asked [Prosecutor] Ostrem if he had any doubt that Alt would commit another heinous crime.

"The reality is, and our hope is, if we are successful in the commitment that he will never get out, because I don't think this guy will ever not be a danger to the public," Ostrem said.

Alt’s pattern of violence is similar to that of Alfonso Rodriguez Jr. who sits on death row after kidnapping and killing Dru Sjodin.

Those who say civil commitment is something that shouldn't be done because it is the wrong solution or because it violates offenders' civil rights, need to do more than oppose this wrong solution, they need to help find and support the right solution for this very real threat to public safety.

Unfortunately, California's 3 strikes law as it is being applied doesn't seem to distinguish between offenders as dangerous as Daryl Alt and serial criminals who pose no physical threat to the public.

One area where we absolutely need to do better is prevention that focuses on those at high risk of following in Darryl Alt's footsteps.

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