Monday, November 26, 2007

16 Days Of Activism Against Gender Violence

The 16 days started yesterday. For more information on this campaign check out the Rutgers' Center for Women's Global Leadership 16 days homepage.

Sometimes primetime TV misses the boat completely, but last night's Extreme Home Makeover which was the 100th episode did a good job of highlighting the senselessness of domestic violence.

Vicki and Erik Swenson-Lee took in Vicki's sister's 4 children after their mother and their mother's boyfriend were murdered by an ex-boyfriend who had attacked before and who was free despite of his continued stalking and violence.

I blogged about this case this summer when the murderer, Steve Van Keuren, during his trial explained that Teri Lee's insults were why he killed her which was meant to imply that he wasn't guilty of first-degree murder. He also shot her boyfriend, Timothy Hawkinson Sr, who was staying with her because they knew Van Keuren was planning another attack.

EMHome Edition showed the police interview with the murderer as he was being questioned after a previous break in where he brought knives and they showed the police interview with this mother of 4 as she talked about that attempt on her life and her attempt to sway the man away from killing her then because he would be orphaning 4 children. These 2 interviews show the open disregard this man had for human life and that this violence is not someone that pops out of nowhere and that it is not caused by the victim's actions.


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