Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Answer To Rape Is Simple: Chastity Belts For Virile Young Men

On the Telegraph website Pigswill wrote:

David Cameron wants more rape convictions. When young girls go out at 10 pm to go to a night club and are dressed in such a manner as to sexually arouse virile young men then I have some advice to give them. If you don't want to be raped wear a chastity belt. If you do consent to sex unlock it and enjoy yourself .

If all it takes for virile young men to commit rape is seeing a young girl out alone at 10 pm then the problem is these men, not their potential victims. If Pigswill's assessment is true then it would be virile young men who are in need of chastity belts -- that they cannot unlock themselves -- if they truly don't want to be rapists.

Or maybe what's needed is a 10 pm curfew for men if they can so easily transform into rapists.

From the original Guardian article:

Tougher sentencing for rapists may be needed to tackle the "moral collapse" demonstrated by the belief of young men that it is sometimes acceptable to force a woman to have sex, David Cameron will warn today.

Rather than undermining Cameron's assessment, Pigswill reinforces it.

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