Monday, November 12, 2007

Drew Peterson's 3rd Wife Sought Relief From Domestic Violence Charged Instead Before Her Death

Apparently Kathleen Savio feared that she would be murdered by Drew Peterson, before she was found face down and bloody in her dry bath tub. A factor in this case is that Peterson is a Bolingbrook, Illinois police officer who was just suspended without pay.

[Will County state's attorney James] Glasgow, who took office more than nine months after Savio's death, also said that indicated Savio had sought a domestic violence complaint against her husband.

Peterson was never charged, but Savio was twice charged in 2002 with battery and domestic battery, Glasgow said. She was found not guilty both times. Jeff Tomczak, the state's attorney at the time that domestic violence charges were filed against Savio and when she died, did not return a call seeking comment.
With this information and the undisputed details of Savio's death, it's shocking that any competent investigator or coroner could accept the official cause of death as accidental drowning. I don't know if someone thought that a fellow police officer would be incapable of murder or if someone thought that the victim had it coming if she had been murdered.

What I do know is that it shouldn't have taken the disappearance of Peterson's 4th and current wife, Stacy Peterson, who was last seen on Oct. 28 for Savio's death to be competently investigated. Reportedly, this last wife was also afraid of Drew Peterson and was planning to divorce him.

With an apparent victim of domestic violence being charged as the perp before her suspicious death is ignored, the popular talk by anti-feminists about how men always get treated like the perp is clearly not based on fact.

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