Saturday, November 17, 2007

Saudi Woman To Get 200 Lashes And Prison Time For Reporting Rape

Officially, the 19-year-old Saudi woman, who was raped 14 times by 7 men later found guilty of rape, was sentenced for being alone with a man who wasn't a relative of hers, but the reality is that the punishment was a direct result of her daring to report rape. And the rape looks to be a direct result of rapists discovering that she was breaking Saudi law.

The judge who imposed this sentence would likely say that she was asking for it and that what happened to her is the reason for the law and the reason the law must be enforced even when the criminal turns into a crime victim.

The US is not immune to injustice against rape victims. We have rape called theft of services and many citizens don't think twice about slandering half the population by talking about women's inherent dishonesty when it comes to rape accusations.

What I want to know is whether the man this rape victim was with when they were abducted was also given the same sentence. If it is a crime for a woman to be alone with a male non-relative it should be an equal crime for a man to be alone with a female non-relative.

When men refuse to be as accountable as they expect women to be they don't make themselves look like good men.

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At December 06, 2007 2:57 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm sorry to hear that you were raped , especially at 15, but becoming a rule-breaking cynic, doesn't help you or anyone. We live in a cynical world full of injustices and injustices must be confronted and corrected. I have not had an easy life, nor was I sheltered, but instead of becoming a cynic, I prefer to fight the good-fight and create justice in any way that I can. It is an absolutely outrage what they are doing to that poor 19yr Saudi woman. I'm a man whose blood begins to boil, when ever I hear about these injustices, especially toward women and children. Please take care and may God bless you.


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