Tuesday, November 06, 2007

Yeah Yeah Enough About An Admitted Wife Murderer And His Victims

That's the message that comes across loud and clear in this comment:

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Darren Mack Pleads Guilty To Murder But Remorse Se...":

Do you have any comment about Nancy Seaman. She ambushed her husband, hacked him to death with an axe, then hauled his body into her garage and assaulted it with a knife and sledge hammer. She hid the corpse in the back of an SUV after tieing it up in a tarp and duct tape, cleaned up all evidence of the crime, told the police she had no idea where her husband was when they came asking about his disappearance. When she was finally caught, she tried to get a pass on it by pleading the battered wife defense.

How about Michele Theer. She had her Air Force husband shot from ambush by one of her lovers. She did not enjoy marriage to him. Divorce was not enough for her. She wanted him dead so she could collect on his Servicemen's Group Life Insurance.

Then there's Kristin Rossum. She poisoned her husband to prevent his revealing her affair with her boss and her relapse into meth addiction.

How about adulterous wife, ex astronaut Lisa Nowak who went after the woman who took her lover. Looks like Lisa is going to walk on a technicality. If some man had tried to harm an ex girlfriend who had jilted him, you would have had plenty to say. I suspect you and other chick hypocrites are looking for a way to blame some guy for this mess rather than Lisa the protagonist.
When I first started blogging, I assumed questions like these were genuine inquiries, but now I'm familiar enough with this type of comment -- which completely ignores the original murder and attempted murder case -- to know that the charge of hypocrisy is a projection and that the questions are strictly rhetorical. He doesn't even bother with a single question mark.

By listing 4 cases with women defendants in response to 1 case with a male defendant, Mr. Anonymous is attempting to make it appear that the murder of intimates statistics match this gender ratio when they do no such thing.

There is no attempt on his part to begin with a disclaimer that he is appalled by the crimes committed by Darren Mack and other men who decide to murder their partners or ex-partners and that he is appalled at men who will try to murder judges who don't give them the rulings they want.

His outrage isn't over the actions of an admitted murderer, his outrage is directed at me and "other chick hypocrites." Nice.

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