Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Bias From Those Who Say Focus On Victim Not Gender

I was thinking about the variety of comments I get that bemoan focusing more on girls and women who are raped/abused/murdered and on boys and men who rape/abuse/murder than on other victim/perp combinations. The most blatant one I blogged about in my post Yeah yeah enough about admitted wife murderer and his victims.

In none of these comments or the sites that these commenters come from have I seen equal focus and respect given to female victims which would be what would happen if they did what they are asking me to do. Most like that anonymous commenter use cases with female victims only as a jumping off point to rant against feminists and others who focus on violence against women. Since there are plenty of places in the blogosphere for these people to rant, I don't allow them to derail my posts with their comments.

It's ironic to be considered a man hater by someone who arrived at my blog from an American Women Suck forum.

Some of those who make excuses for boys and men accused of rape and who stress the importance of not rushing to judgment and "innocent until proven guilty" will mention a current rape case with a girl or woman defendant in a way that makes it clear that this girl or woman is considered guilty merely because she has been accused. I've seen plenty of rationalizations for this double standard and all of them are based in gender bias.

If I haven't blogged about that case they claim it proves that I support girl and women rapists. Sometimes I'll get this claim even when I have blogged about the case.

If a girl or woman accused of a sex crime or domestic violence is acquitted then I'll get comments stating that is caused by gender bias not by true innocence or by problems in the criminal justice system which most often let male rapists/abusers off the hook.

So to those who demand absolute gender neutrality from me, please practice it yourself if you truly mean what you say.

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