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Compensation For Years In Sexual Prisons Will Encourage Illegal Immigration?

This story from The Observer/UK has some critically important information, but it also ignores some of the ramifications of what they are reporting. Human smugglers are rightfully viewed as criminals, but those in Britain who pay to use human slaves (whether they identified the trafficked as such or not) get too little responsibility for their part in this widespread human rights abuse.

Without money flowing into these "sex prisons," they would shut down on their own. Sex traffickers are motivated by greed with no ethics so humans are viewed as disposable, but if a currently popular crime like sex slavery stops paying, these exploiters will look for other ways to make money.

That means that every person who pays money for sexual contact which goes to a human trafficker is an accomplice to human trafficking. Period. No excuses.

Those who are trafficked are a commodity treated with as much respect and dignity as a bag of illegal drugs, maybe less. The supply of humans who can be trapped into slavery is greater than the supply of cocaine. Yet without the demand there would be no organized crime set up to keep the supply of vulnerable people coming to Britain.

It's too easy to dismiss these buyers as pedophiles as if they suffer from a true sickness rather than viewing them as vultures willing to swoop in on the most vulnerable people, most of them children. For many of these people they allow themselves to inflict suffering on others by not thinking about the trauma they inflict or the circumstances of those they exploit for personal gratification. If it was good for the person who paid for the use of a sex slave, that's all that matters.

So these people are likely going to hate this move by the British government since it doesn't benefit them:

Sex slaves smuggled into Britain are set to receive millions of pounds for their 'pain and trauma' after a groundbreaking government decision to compensate victims of people trafficking. [...]

The development is likely to be politically controversial, with charges that offering help to trafficking victims could encourage illegal immigration.

The women who received £140,000 were smuggled from eastern Europe by British-based criminals using established international sex trafficking networks. One girl was illegally brought into the UK five years ago, aged 13. Another was trafficked in 2003 when she was 16. Both were kept prisoner by the same trafficking syndicate until they managed to escape at the start of last year.

[...] Barton said: 'Young girls from west Africa and China are, for instance, orphaned at a very young age and sexually abused. Once they hit puberty, they are being brought over here and sold into prostitution. A lot of young women, as young as eight, are sexually abused and then sold here.' One recent case involved a 15-year-old Nigerian girl who was abandoned in England when a member of an international paedophile ring dumped her after years of sexual abusing the teenager.

When found, she had been so badly abused and starved she was almost dead. Medical checks at the asylum centre in the north of England she was left outside revealed she was pregnant. Interviews with the victim established she had been kept for years by paedophiles, a number of whom are thought to be British, in a Belgian home where she was starved, tortured and repeatedly raped.

The father of that baby should be on the wanted list and subject to felony rape charges once there is a DNA match.

The call by some to deport sex slaves without compensation ignores Britain's role in what happened to these people. Remember without demand there would be no supply of sex slaves. It isn't the sex slaves who are responsible for this form of illegal immigration, it is the buyers of human flesh.

The article focuses on a fear that this fund will attract those who aren't completely free of human traffickers, but this possibility means that there is an opportunity to free someone who is being used once again. Simply set up the system so that it anticipates the actions of those who view other humans as disposable cash machines.

If a non-citizen is caught using a sex slave, that person is the one who should be deported. If a citizen is caught using a sex slave, that person should be charged with rape and viewed as a key contributor to organized crime. Those who call this a victimless crime must be viewed as negligently uninformed or they must be viewed as psychopaths who view victims of sexual slavery as subhuman.

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At December 17, 2007 2:56 AM, Anonymous Pizza Diavola said...

A victimless crime? What? How the hell can anyone possibly think sex trafficking is a victimless crime?

At December 17, 2007 1:34 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The callous monster that actually put pain and trauma in quotes should rot in hell.


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