Monday, December 10, 2007

Convicted Sex Offender Confesses To 9 Murders


A man with a long history of sex crimes has admitted to killing nine people dating back at least 30 years, authorities said Monday. Timothy Krajcir, originally from Allentown, Pa., pleaded guilty Monday to first-degree murder in the 1982 strangling of a Southern Illinois University student. Later Monday, authorities in Cape Girardeau [Missouri] announced Krajcir had admitted killing five women in the Mississippi River town in 1977 and 1982.

Krajcir was in prison in Illinois at the time DNA matches were completed which first linked him to some of these crimes, but the story doesn't say if or when he would have been released if these 9 murderers were still unsolved. Now, hopefully, this man will never be released.

This closing of cases that were long listed as unsolved may save many lives, either by locking up dangerous criminals still on the loose or by preventing the release of those who would resume committing violent crimes.


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