Wednesday, December 05, 2007

Half Million Dollar Settlement To Woman Abused By 7 Priests

Too often people dismiss claims of rape or sexual abuse as lies because the allegations seem too bizarre to be real. Other times the claims are ignored because those accused, like Catholic priests, are more important to those in charge than getting at the truth and ensuring that all crimes are reported and that all victims are treated with respect.

The $500,000 settlement from the LA archdiocese to this women who was sexual abused by 7 Roman Catholic priests, 1 of whom impregnated her, shows that the way the archdiosese treated her might have benefited the guilty and the complicit in the short term, but the cost of that short-term benefit is high. As it should be.

When victims are ignored or undermined that emboldens the current perpetrators to continue their abuses and it encourages those who are tempted to cross ethical and legal boundaries for the first time.

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