Friday, December 21, 2007

How Will The Victim Blamers Respond To This Sexual Assault Case?

I am waiting to see if the victim blamers who jump in every time there is a report of a sexual assault involving college men or sports players will be consistent in this latest case in Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

Will their normal bemoaning about the release of the alleged criminals names go silent on this case?

Will their chorus of "innocent until proven guilty" and "sounds like another false accusation!" go silent?

Will their normal search for the victim's identities begin so they can search for reasons to attack the character of these alleged victims?

Will their normal dismissal of the alleged criminals' past misdeeds as irrelevant appear in this case?

Will their normal discounting of physical evidence go AWOL?

Will their normal use of some consensual sexual activity as proof that the charges are false evaporate?

Will their normal claim that interrupting what is an obvious sexual assault in progress is untrustworthy because consent may been given before the interruption?

Will their normal statement that agreeing to leave a bar with your alleged attackers makes this nothing more than a disagreement or a misunderstanding go unstated?

So why am I asking these questions? In this case the alleged victims are three University of North Carolina football players who met the alleged criminals at a local bar and who voluntarily let the 3 people charged (2 women and 1 man) in this alleged attack into their off-campus apartment.

For most of the victim blamers the events which came before the alleged assault are enough evidence for them to declare, when the victims are women, "We'll never know for sure so all of the charges should be dropped immediately."


Authorities charged Monique Jenice Taylor, 28, Tnika Monta Washington, 29, and Michael Troy Lewis, 32, with three counts of kidnapping, three counts of conspiracy to commit a felony and one count of resisting arrest. [...]

Prosecutors said the players and the accused went to the victims’ apartment after meeting at a downtown bar. At a Thursday court hearing, assistant Orange County prosecutor Morgan Whitney cited a police report and said one of the players was drunk and was taken to his room, The News & Observer of Raleigh reported on its Web site.

According to the newspaper, the other two had some consensual sexual contact with the women, but then became uncomfortable and told them to stop. When police arrived at the scene, two of the victims were tied up, wearing boxer shorts, and the hands of the third victim, who was fully clothed, also were tied, Whitney was quoted as saying by the newspaper. [...]

Defense attorneys told the court, according to the newspaper, that the acts were consensual.

My belief is that this case should be handled with the same care and professionalism that would be used if the alleged victims were girls or women and if all of those charged were boys or men. The gender of the alleged victims and the alleged criminals in this case makes them no more or less credible witnesses.

For those who are horrified at the idea of these football players being treated this way, your reaction shows how unfairly girls and women are routinely treated when they are the alleged victims.

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