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Invoking Hoaxes To Ensure Justice

If those who attack alleged rape victims credibility because "girls and women have deliberately made false rape reports" were to have their logic and their tactics used as a model for all reported crimes, let's see if they would happily accept what they are willing to dish out.

For that reason it is important to note that most of those who rant the loudest about false rape reports and the need to keep them front and center in all rape investigations openly label themselves as conservatives.

Now to the hoax which undermines conservatives' credibility as true crime victims. Francisco Nava, a student of Princeton who reported being the victim has admitted that he sent death threats to himself and other conservatives on campus and he has admitted that his physical injuries meant to prove that he was really assaulted as part of a hate crime were self-inflicted.

From Time:

Weeks of death threats appeared to come to grisly fruition on the evening of Dec. 14, when Francisco Nava, 23, a Princeton University junior, arrived at the University Medical Center with his face bruised and bloodied, exhibiting the signs of a concussion. According to the story he told police, Nava, an officer of the Anscombe Society, a prominent conservative social values advocacy group on campus, had been on his way to see a local high school student he mentors when two men, both towering above six feet and dressed in black clothes and ski caps, grabbed him from behind. Holding him against a wall, Nava said, they hit his head repeatedly against the bricks. "Eventually I just blacked out," Nava told the Daily Princetonian. The only catch? The whole story was a hoax.

The reported reason for this hoax, "stemmed from a belief that his actions would draw attention to the pro-chastity cause." And Anscombe Society (of which Nava is apparently still a member) president Kevin Staley-Joyce said, "He, in his poor judgment, thought that doing this would somehow help our cause."

And what is Princeton's Anscombe Society's cause? Well, that seems to have changed. It looks like they wiped out their old web site but have restored parts of it due to public inquiries or accusations that they are trying to hide something now because of this hoax. If this were a feminist group and the hoax was a rape report you can bet that a bunch of conservatives would be rubbing their hands together in glee at what this says about the group.

Here is their previous stated mission:

The overall goal of the Anscombe Society is to provide intellectual engagement and social support for fostering a sexual and familial ethic. We aim to promote and encourage an atmosphere where sex is dignified, respectful, and beautiful; where human relationships are affirming and supportive; where motherhood is not put at odds with feminism; and where no one is objectified, instrumentalized, or demeaned. We aim to increase the level of respect among members of the university community who disagree on these issues as we explore our common understandings as well as our differences. Lastly, we hope to provide those students who strive to understand, live, and love their commitment to chastity and "traditional" sexual and familial ethics with the support they need.

By the standards used by those who bring up false rape reports to question all rape reports, it would be unacceptable to show any compassion for the hoaxer by describing the entire hoax as "poor judgment." Which means that Staley-Joyce's statements must be viewed as a support for hoaxes of this kind and therefore a support for injustice.

By these standards, Nava has undermined the credibility of all conservatives since it was that label which allegedly made him a victim of a hate crime. We can now say with absolute confidence and truthfulness, "Conservatives lie about being threatened and assaulted. Conservatives play the victim." We can and should repeat this endlessly as if it trumps all evidence.

By these standards, what is needed is for all conservatives to confront the problem of conservatives who make false accusations so that lying conservatives stop hurting honest conservatives.

By these standards, Nava should be charged for all of his crimes with no mercy given for his state of mental health and should be sentenced in the same way that has been demanded for those who falsely claim to be rape victims. There was the false police report and the making of death threats since he did issue threats against others as well as himself. Unless his victims were co-conspirators they didn't know the threats were part of a hoax. When he showed up injured, he caused them to fear that they might be next.

By these standards, if Nava ever reports being the victim of another crime, his report should be ignored without wasting a single tax dollar on a real investigation. He's a proven liar, so case closed.

By these standards, Nava's statements that he acted alone must be viewed as unreliable. This crime must make all of those who received death threats from Nava suspects. If any of them report crimes committed against them in the future, this case must be used to call them potential serial false victims.

By these standards, it's okay to have private detectives scour the conservative alleged victim's past for any detail which could possibly make this person look bad or non-credible. In short, any tactic which has been used against any alleged rape victim is fair game to be used against all conservatives who report being victims of any crime.

By these standards, all conservatives would need to have a non-conservative impartial witness to the crime for any charges to be made. If a conservative sues someone over injuries or discrimination, we would need to label that person as a gold digger.

This confessed hoax, according to the standards used against rape victims, gives everyone permission to attack any conservative who shows up at an emergency room with serious physical injuries even if there is no evidence that the assault was false or self-inflicted.

Using the tactics conservative politicians have used when fighting efforts to inform all rape victims of their right to get an emergency contraceptive, it would be justified to say, "How do we know if a conservative who shows up at the ER as a crime victim has really been assaulted? Maybe this is another hoax. He could have broken those bones doing something stupid like climbing up a ladder set on a pile of wet leaves. And now he sees an easy way to get free treatment by falsely claiming to be a crime victim. Those conservatives love to play the victim." And it would be acceptable to require by law that conservatives can be forced to take polygraph tests before their claims are investigated.

By these standards, until someone was convicted of the specific alleged crime, we would need to assume that the conservative alleged crime victim is perpetrating a hoax.

Doesn't that sound like the best way to ensure that justice is done? Won't all of you conservatives feel safer if you are being proactively protected from conservatives who lie about being crime victims in the same way that all women are actively protected from women who lie about being rape victims?


The bottom line is that if an approach is valid for girls and women who report rape and those working to reduce sexual violence, it is valid for men who report crimes committed against them and it is valid for all conservatives.

For those who say that my points can't be valid because I only found one case of a conservative lying about being a crime victim? Then I'll have to point to a case where the wife of an Ozarks Minutemen founder has been charged with lying about being raped and shot by 3 Hispanics.

"What conservative woman after shooting herself won't be so embarrassed over her clumsiness that she doesn't claim to be a victim of gang rape?" That's the sort of generalization that gets used whenever someone dislikes something about a girl or women who reports being the victim of rape? "We know about ***** like her. They can't be trusted when they go to the police. And we have proof of their non-credibility."

By their standard, every conservative woman who reports a stranger rape committed by a Hispanic must be assumed to be a liar. All rape convictions that started with similar reports would need to be reviewed since we've been told by experts that there are likely thousands of men falsely convicted of rape sitting in prison right now. This case must be viewed as the tip of an iceberg.

If we believe in true justice for all, it must be about the specific evidence related to that specific case and about proper and complete gathering of that evidence.

You can bet if there were constant cries of "conservatives lie about __" (fill in whatever crime was reported) conservatives would see that as an expression of bigotry and an effort to give people the okay to commit that crime against conservatives. Yet many conservatives are fine with these tactics as long as they are directing who gets targeted and who doesn't.

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