Sunday, December 30, 2007

Man Arrested For Stalking Women He's Charged With Raping

Here's a case in Pennsylvania that shows how ridiculous many of the condemning statements are about the public's rush to judgment whenever the public generally believes a report of rape.

From the Sharon Herald:

The woman was parking her car and said she decided to head straight to Sharon’s police station when she saw [Raymond Anthony] Napolitan, but he began chasing her through the streets. Since the alleged rape, the woman had filed a restraining order against Napolitan, which he had twice violated prior to the chase, police said. Napolitan also had threatened to kill her if she reported the incident to police, she said.

The chase ended when Napolitan’s car vehicle hit another at Leslie Street and Stambaugh Avenue, police said.

Yet, according to those who want the public to deny accepting a rape victim as such until the rapist is convicted, everyone is supposed to assume he must be innocent. If they don't then his due process rights have supposedly been violated.

Innocent until proven guilty exists even if nobody who hears about this case believes he is innocent. Innocent until proven guilty is the reason he wasn't sitting in jail and staying there until and unless he could prove to a jury that he was innocent beyond a reasonable doubt.

Those who misuse innocent until proven guilty in rape cases will reveal that they don't really believe this nonsense by how they talk about women accused of lying about rape and how they talk about other defendants.

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