Wednesday, December 26, 2007

Only Normal Healthy Men Go To Strip Clubs In Texas

That's the claim being made whenever people say that normal, healthy males are the ones who will be paying the $5 patron tax at strip clubs in Texas starting on January 1, 2008.

Suddenly people who oppose statements like, "rape is about about power not sex" support this statement absolutely. Taxing sex-related industries to fund services for rape victims is, according to them, linking two completely unrelated acts. Sexually objectifying women has nothing to do with rape.

Don't we know that patrons of strip clubs never rape and that dancers at strip clubs are never raped in or around strip clubs?

It's interesting that the clubs are trying to fight this tax by saying it violates their first amendment rights. This is a very dangerous approach since we could easily say that gas taxes are unconstitutional because driving is a first amendment right. You can't have free speech at a strip club if you can't get there because of the price of gas after taxes.

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