Thursday, January 10, 2008

Hillary Clinton Bashers Confusing Deep Emotion For Weakness

If a politician showing genuine emotion and caring about serving one's own country is a weakness then bring on more weak politicians. For too many politicians politics has become nothing more than a power and money game. Their lack of genuine emotion is what should have eyebrows raised. Except that emotional flat-line often gets mislabeled as "professionalism" when it is nothing more than coldblooded uncaring.

Here's the question where Hillary Clinton got bashed for giving a personal response.

"My question is very personal, how do you do it? How do you, how do keep upbeat and so wonderful?"

Saying that the cause of Hillary Clinton's emotional response to this clearly personal question is due only to a grueling campaign reveals more about those people who say this than it does about Hillary. I've certainly known men who would have to be exhausted to the point of needing to be hospitalized before they would show a shred of genuine emotion.

How sad for them and those stuck with these stiffs.

How sad for our country if we only elect those unwilling or incapable of showing genuine emotion because we are scared of politicians who genuinely care and can show it or because so many male politicians have been caught faking emotion.

How sad for those who are scared and confused by a politician getting real.

How sad for those who think genuine emotion and logic cannot coexist.

If we as voters punish politicians for showing genuine emotion we have nobody to blame but ourselves if we get stuck with manipulative cold-hearted jerks looking out for only themselves and their buddies.

I've seen reference to Hillary Clinton's win in New Hampshire as being caused by sympathy from women, but I think they have it wrong. If the biggest gripe the pundits have with her is her personal manner whether it be called bitchy or too girly then by implication they are admitting she is a fantastically strong candidate on the issues and on her professional experience and there is no logical reason she shouldn't be a great president.

One of these pundits, Marc Rudov, makes men voters seem like the real illogical and emotional voters who have or will vote against Hillary because she is described as having a nagging voice.

And women are attacked for non-sensical reasons for casting their vote? Please.

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