Thursday, January 17, 2008

Join Effort To Push For Action On Behalf of Jamie Leigh Jones and Others Like Her

For more info, check out the post at Feministe.

Thankfully, we do have congressional representatives who are being proactive such as Congresswoman Louise Slaughter:

I, along with Congressman Ted Poe and Congresswoman Jan Schakowsky, am taking the first step to ensuring accountability by sending letters to Secretary of Defense Robert Gates and Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice demanding answers in the KBR rape cases and asking them to clearly define the steps they are taking to ensure that what happened to Jamie will ever happen again.

Too many people accept violence against women as an acceptable occurrence when our military or our military contractors are assigned to help protect our country. This acceptance turns the military and military contractors into nothing more than a protection racket, but instead of demanding cash they demand something far more destructive -- and not just to their victims.

This acceptance of violence and harassment diminishes the service of women who are treated as disposable toys for male soldiers and male military contractors. Women are not too soft if they cannot withstand sexual harassment or rape. Men are too soft if they cannot resist using their situation to hurt women.

A strong soldier/contractor is never a sadist or a stalker.

Military successes will always be undermined if they are integrated with unethical and illegal behavior. If those who win feel free to hurt their own, they will rightfully be viewed as untrustworthy by those they promise to liberate.

All of the ethical soldiers and ethical military contractors deserve to have their behavior be what is viewed as normal. They should never be acceptable victims to their unethical counterparts just because soldiers and contractors sacrifice their lives in their duty to their country.

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