Friday, February 29, 2008

Mary Koss Responds To MacDonald LA Times Op Ed

From Mary Koss's response to Heather Mac Donald's LA Times op-ed comes study results which do more than support the original Koss study results.

The National College Drinking Study done at Harvard also reported similar numbers and more importantly found that they could be predicted by the rate of binge drinking on the campus as a whole. Thus, on high binge drinking campuses, ANY woman was more likely to be raped, not just those who intoxicated themselves.

This is a result which I'm sure Mac Donald will either ignore or deny because she doesn't want to think that violence by men against women has anything to do with men's bad or criminal choices while in college.

Those like Mac Donald who cannot deny this result will announce that the solution for college women is easy. "Don't attend colleges where the men binge drink. What could be easier? If a woman knows about this study and attends a party college then she must not mind being raped."

This makes as much sense as someone saying "Don't drive on roads where drunk drivers can be present. What could be easier? If you know about the danger of drunk driving and drive where those people might be then you must not mind being slammed into and possibly killed. The problem isn't drunk drivers, the problem is stupid sober drivers who have a death wish."

Even people like Mac Donald have to know the solution to people being killed by drunk drivers isn't to clear the road of all potential innocent victims. But of her long op-ed, here is all she has to say about those guilty of sex crimes:

Paragraph 3: And who will be the assailants of these women? Not terrifying strangers who will grab them in dark alleys, but the guys sitting next to them in class or at the cafeteria.

Paragraph 21: In all these drunken couplings, there may be some deplorable instances of forced and truly non-consensual sex. But most campus "rape" cases exist in the gray area of seeming cooperation and tacit consent, which is why they are almost never prosecuted criminally.

So out of 35 paragraphs in Mac Donald's op ed, rapists are terrifying strangers and rare men who are deplorable (can anyone imagine a man getting prison time for being deplorable?) toward women who put themselves in danger. The rest of the college rapists are figments of feminists' imaginations or they are deliberately wrongly accused.

In those 35 paragraphs there is not one word of rebuke directed at college men who choose to become rapists. She doesn't even rebuke the stranger rapists but by implication rebukes the college women who practice the risky sexual behavior of walking alone in dark alleys. In her worldview there are no truly innocent rape victims on college campuses.

No wonder she is opposed to campus rape crisis lines. She has judged all who might call and found them guilty.

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At April 15, 2008 1:16 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I don't know what their rules are, but this sounds like a good entry for the Feminism 101 blog.



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