Monday, February 18, 2008

Secretly Recorded Video Confession Indicates That Natalie Holloway Was Drugged

From ABC News:

Medical experts tell ABC News that the description Joran van der Sloot gave of convulsions apparently experienced by Natalee Holloway on the night she disappeared could be consistent with the date rape drug GHB, and not simply alcohol intoxication.

This explanation for why Holloway would have convulsions directly contradicts van der Sloot's explanation that he was making up the whole story of what happened to Natalee Holloway to impress a friend as his lawyers have claimed.

Holloway's probable death (it seems unlikely that she is being held by human traffickers) and these alleged details are a reminder that those who use any substance on the unwilling are putting those people's lives at risk. In no way is spiking food or drink the act of someone innocently getting carried away. Exploiting others who have been drugged is not a less serious crime because the victim's memory of the crime may be spotty or absent. These are pre-meditated and cold-blooded criminal actions and should be viewed as such by the public and by the police.

Those who admonish people to lighten up about men who lack ethics in their dealings with women are admonishing people to lighten up about physical violence and even murder or manslaughter -- as long as the target of that violence is a girl or a woman. It's interesting -- and telling -- that this lighten up crowd are not equally light in their position about seemingly decent men accused of rape.

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