Wednesday, February 06, 2008

Victim Blamer Anonymous

The following is a section of a longer anonymous comment I received on my post Helpful contributors to rape victim suicide:

If I go into the worst, poorest black neighborhood in a city alone as a white man, wearing a suit waving around a wad of $100's and I get mugged, I deserve some blame there, even though I should be able to do so without being attacked in a perfect world.

If I do the same while looking for crack and shout, "N[****]R" constantly, and I blame any black guy shown in a lineup regardless of guilt, now we are more in line with the rape accusation issue.

If 25-50% of all muggings fit the above scenario, then men would be talking about the crisis in mugging accusation and the "victim blaming" would occur.

The rest of his comment is the usual sexist blather directed at me and those who commented on this post so there is no point including it. He is responding in this way to a post about a woman's suicide after rape which makes his sexist disdain for women who report rape twice as clear. There is no concern for women here and certainly no sorrow for an innocent woman's death which was deemed by investigators to be a direct result of her being raped.

His choice of analogy communicates a lot about him. That he expresses a desire to go into poor black neighborhoods screaming racist epitaphs as he flaunts an abundance of cash -- expecting drug dealers to pop up instantly -- is telling. I am glad something stops him from doing this, but mostly for the sake of those he would scream at since they don't deserve to be treated to the hatred of racists like this anonymous man.

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