Thursday, March 13, 2008

Child Victims Rescued From Worldwide Sex Abuse Ring

This Guardian UK article about children who were rescued from sex abusers who proudly turned that abuse into child porn is a reminder about why it is critically important to stand up against those who are trying to undermine efforts to fight sexual violence.

All those who describe any organization which works against sexual violence as being part of the rape industry are helping these types of sex abusers by turning what they do into nothing worse than what anti-violence groups are doing.

Detectives in three continents believe they have broken one of the most sophisticated paedophile rings ever. Eight British children between six and 14 years old have been rescued and arrests made in the UK, Australia and the US.

The ring used advanced techniques to avoid detection and one member boasted of belonging to the "greatest group of paedos ever to gather in one place".

Police traced the victims to addresses in the UK, the Child Exploitation and Online Protection (Ceop) Centre said. Some had been abused by their parents. The arrests followed a two-year inquiry which began in Australia, spread to Europe and was coordinated by the FBI in the US. The US was chosen as the base for police operations as most of the sex ring's members were American residents, police said.

None of the children rescued were children who had been abducted and abused by strangers. Their perpetrators were in their own homes. Going after parents who rape children is not anti-parent anymore than going after men who rape is anti-male.

400,000 images of sexual violence against children were seized and investigators are trying to identify all the victims so that they can stop the abuse being done against them and bring their rapists to justice.

That is an effort which takes money and that funding should not be tainted by those who are only interested in furthering their own political agenda.

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