Wednesday, March 26, 2008

How Dare We!

Anonymous has left a new comment on your post "Speaking Around Rape":

"boys are socialised into believing they are entitled to sexually coerce or force females into unwanted sexual acts." [from comment by Jennifer Drew]

Evidence please? They believe they are entitled? How idiotic, how childish is that supposedly self-evident generalization. Puh-lease! Talk about unfair gender stereotyping! That sort of unsubstantiated blather might play well in a women's studies class, where respected scholarship is unheard of, but you have just disparaged an entire gender with rank nonsense -- and you do your own gender a grave disservice with your comments by furnishing no authority beyond your serene ipse dixit.

Disgraceful. And don't hide behind rape victims when you so cavalierly brand a "male" as you call this boy guilty, based on your say-so.

How dare you!

It was no surprise when I looked at my site statistics and discovered that this Anonymous arrived at my blog by searching for "false rape."

The evidence that this man seeks is contained in his own comment. How dare anyone apply a negative label like rapist to a boy who repeatedly coerced his ex-girlfriend into unwanted sex!

That's entitlement.

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At March 26, 2008 5:26 PM, Blogger JENNIFER DREW said...

So this apologist for male violence against women wants evidence. Easily given - boys are socialised into believing it is acceptable for men and boys to use coercion, threats or pressure against a woman or girl in order to gain sexual access to the woman's/girl's body. Males are not held accountable for their sexual behaviour instead women and girls are supposed to limit or control male sexual behaviour. Is this sufficient evidence for a rape culture.

By the way did I say I hold all men accountable for those men who commit rape of course not. Instead I stated how boys are socialised into dominant ideologies of masculinities. This is not gender stereotyping. I wonder why this commentator was looking for 'false rape' claims.

At May 06, 2009 11:10 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

I'm 95% sure this commenter is Pierce Harlan, who defends men accused of rape for a living and who believes that the very low rate of rape convictions is proof that juries see through women's "lies". He also thinks that we women just need to be taught what consent means. We stupid, stupid women. His writing style and words he uses are the same as he uses at He has his own blog called something like the "false rape society". Ignore the rape apologist.


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