Monday, March 31, 2008

Rape Liar Sentenced To 10 Years In Prison

From the Wisconsin State Journal:

To those he met, Daniel Avidan said he was a lot of things: lawyer, doctor, stockbroker, Israeli soldier, commando trainer. He had studied, he said, at such places as Oxford University in England and Northwestern University in Chicago.

But a Madison woman, a prosecutor and a Dane County judge know him only as a rapist.

Despite denials that he raped anyone, Avidan was sentenced Friday to 10 years in prison for second-degree sexual assault for what Assistant District Attorney Doug McLean characterized as the "date rape " of a woman in August 2006.

This case is an extreme example of the arrogance which I see in those who commit rape against those they know. Despite a pattern of proven lying by this man and others like him who fabricate basic facts about themselves, most people don't include these types of men in those they describe as "rape liars."

"Rape liars" is usually limited to those who report being raped and is frequently spoken with no proof that the "rape liar" actually lied. This limitation speaks as loudly about those who use this terminology as Avidan's behavior during his trial speaks about him.

Avidan decided to represent himself at his trial.

"His tactic has been to attack the victim, " McLean said. Though it was Avidan 's right to cross-examine the woman, he said, Avidan "went well beyond his right and took the offensive against the victim. His objective at the trial was to humiliate and punish the victim."

"Reducing her in your mind to something less than a human being for your personal pleasure, " said Dane County Circuit Judge Patrick Fiedler, "that speaks volumes. "

What Avidan did through his questions alone was demonstrate that the charges against him were credible and that his defense was not.

Those who aren't on trial who similarly attack those who reported being rape victims also speak volumes about themselves. Their disclaimers that they are not pro-rape are as meaningless as Avidan's defense.

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