Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Silenced In The Barracks Official Mistreatment Of Rape Victims

From In These Times comes an article titled Silenced In The Barracks by Jessica Pupovac which focuses on how sexual assaults are investigated (or in many cases not investigated) in the military. Here are a couple of snippets.

When military sexual assault survivors call Susan Avila-Smith, she advises them to keep their mouths shut while she works on getting them home. “It breaks my heart to do that,” she says, “but I want to get them out alive and that’s my main goal.” [...]

Nearly one in four veterans in state prisons nationwide were sex offenders, compared to one in 10 non-veterans, according to a 2004 Department of Justice report.

Please, go read the whole thing. And remember much of the same type of mishandling of rape cases and hostility toward rape victims still happens outside of the military as well. But because of the structure of the military, many rape victims would have to disobey orders to go somewhere they consider safe.

Those who report rape are often viewed as people who are betraying fellow soldiers when in fact it is those who rape and those who turn on rape victims who are betraying their fellow soldiers and giving the military a bad name.

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