Friday, March 07, 2008

Sterilization Of Rape Victims

From the Winston-Salem Journal:

Advocates for survivors [of forced sterilizations under North Carolina's eugenics program] have been pushing the state to provide reparations and other benefits since 2002, when the sterilization program was revealed to the public in a series of articles in the Winston-Salem Journal.

The program operated under a state law that endorsed sterilization for people with epilepsy, “feeblemindedness” and other disabilities. In practice, women were sterilized because they were considered “promiscuous,” even if they were the victims of rape.

When I read this, I immediately thought of all those who continue to say that most girls and women who are raped or otherwise sexually assaulted are either immoral, delusional or too stupid to take care of themselves and that if girls and women just took reasonable care of themselves that would prevent almost every rape.

It's a short jump from "unable to take care of herself" to "unable to take care of a child."

Add to that the so-called false rape epidemic and it is unfortunately too easy to see how there could be a state run program which forced sterilizations upon rape victims. While this program was officially secret, 7600 people being sterilized from 1929 to 1974 had to have generated some talk, especially among those who were most likely to be targeted for eugenics treatments. This had to make reporting rape even more hazardous for those who were most vulnerable and least respected by the legal system.

Not only could a real rapist get painted as an innocent victim, that rapist's victim could be irrevocably punished by the state. This program wasn't the only one in the US and it wasn't the only one where bigotry, scorn and smugness seemed to be all that was needed to decide that some people should have the right of parenthood taken from them.

Many of the people who attack rape victims today explicitly wish to go back to the practices of good old days before those vile feminists opened the first rape crisis centers in the mid 1970s. Some of these people simply don't know what they are wishing for, but I believe other people know exactly what they want.

I have started seeing attacks made against Planned Parenthood (I refuse to link to these people) claiming that they are practicing eugenics which minimizes what real eugenics programs did while making a false accusation against Planned Parenthood. Those who launch these attacks cannot now claim ignorance about eugenics programs yet they aren't similtaneously doing anything to raise awareness about the wrong done through those official eugenics programs.


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