Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Who Is Really Part Of The Rape Industry?

An article in the Independent Women's Forum titled The Campus Rape Myth by Allison Kasic begins with this:

In the winter edition of City Journal, the Manhattan Institutes's Heather MacDonald has a lengthy piece on the campus rape industry. As MacDonald points out, the central tenet of the campus rape industry is the one-in-four statistic. [...]

My belief is that this labeling of the "rape industry" has it backwards and intentionally so. Those who are fighting to protect rape victims are being intentionally slandered by those who are part of organizations which approve of attacking those who help rape victims and which approve of attacking the majority of victims of sexual violence and who want to see current anti-sexual violence efforts on college campuses and elsewhere destroyed.

Which of these 2 distinct groups is more supportive of rape and rapists and the otherwise sexually violent? Shouldn't that group be the one which is labeled as being part of the rape industry?

That would likely give Kasic the vapers. If a label she's willing to stick on others were turned on her, she would likely be screaming "I'm being victimized! Oh, won't someone stop those evil feminists? I'm not pro-rape, I'm only anti-rape victim!"

Forget that MacDonald, who is praised by Kasic, doesn't show any statistic to be severely inflated, but instead shows how the acknowledged reality of criminal sexual violence can be used by her and others as "proof" that rape is rare and that all smart people should dismiss all criminal sexual violence not labeled by everyone as rape as not worth fighting.

I'm used to these type of twisted mind games where the sexually violent become the only real victims by people who claim to be fair-minded and impartial. Until I realized they were designed to help the sexually violent escape all accountability by shifting their responsibility onto those they hurt, they made me feel crazy.

It is vitally important to note that those who misuse "rape industry" to launch attacks against anti-rape groups don't expend similar energy fighting human traffickers and all those who make money through sexual exploitation.

Maybe their next effort will be proving that sex slavery and forced prostitution are both myths.

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