Friday, April 25, 2008

John McCain: Women Blamer

I've suspected that many people dismiss real pay discrimination as being the discriminatee's fault, but according to Think Progress John McCain has taken this denial to new heights with his reason for skipping the Senate vote on the equal pay legislation which seeks to do nothing except change the law to the way it was intended and interpreted until it was overturned by the Supreme Court.

The new law would acknowledge that each paycheck which is lower than it should be based on sex discrimination is a violation of the law. So if a woman realizes after 10 years of pay discrimination that she is being discriminated against, the current law says she is taking action as if it were 10 years after the pay discrimination ended.


Can anyone imagine this rule being in place for corporations that have been regularly cheated for 10 years by an employee or who have been overcharged continuously, in violation of the law, by a vendor? How about the federal government and tax evasion?

If a rule which is being used against employees is logical and defensible then this rule must be used against employers and the federal government. Otherwise the rule exists for the sole purpose of protecting the wrongdoing of employers.

The reason John McCain gives for supporting this nonsense is that women simply need "education and training" but if that were the case there would be no pay discrimination. Men and women with similar education and training would be paid the same. And of course they would be offered education and training without discrimination.

So he supports blocking civil rights for women because he doesn't believe they deserve those civil rights. And of course if he blocks actions which could allow employees to prove civil rights violations in court there will be no proof that there are any of these types of civil rights violations happening.

Denial which blocks justice in order to keep the denial alive is dangerous for all of us.

This sort of denial which accuses the person claiming to have been hurt of either causing that hurt themselves or of being a gold digger is what we see more flagrantly in rape cases. These attitudes are linked and they contribute to both pay discrimination and sexual violence against women.

This is a serious matter and John McCain has proved he either supports wrongdoing or he is clueless to the point of negligence.

Hat tip: Tennessee Guerilla Women

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