Friday, April 04, 2008

Seeking Assistance

Since I started blogging a little over 2 years ago, building a regular web site has been on my to-do list, but low on the list and I realized today that it will likely stay that way for a while if I am going to build my website on my own. I've had people express an interest in helping me and this is the first task where I absolutely need that help.

To continue blogging with the level of attention I've been giving it, I have made the choice to live frugally. That means I currently don't have the resources to hire a professional to build and maintain my web site.

If you believe that a well-designed and well-organized web site with my writing on it would be helpful to survivors and others or if you simply want to help fund my efforts at fighting sexual violence, then please consider sending me a donation. I have a PayPal donation button on the sidebar or donations can be mailed to:

PO Box 6506
Rochester MN 55903-6506

Please make checks payable to Marcella Chester. If you want to send a dollar bill that's fine too since dollars can add up if what I'm doing is viewed as worthwhile by many people. If I don't get enough to create and maintain a web site, I will use what money I do get toward my domain names and other expenses related to being online and blogging.

If this isn't a project you want to help fund or you don't have cash to spare, I also need some suggestions for how to package my blog writing into a book proposal so that it would be a useful and marketable resource. I'm undecided about whether I should adapt some of my blog writing into a memoir. Thoughts?

Private responses are fine. My email address is my first name (at) abyss2hope (dot) com.

Finally, I still have some copies of my autobiographical novel Cherry Love for sale and you can buy one through PayPal (the button is on the sidebar) or you live in the US you can send $11.95 to my PO Box and I will send a copy of my book to you via media mail. Any books purchased directly from me will be autographed. For any other shipping options contact me privately. You can read the first chapter (pdf) for free.

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At April 05, 2008 2:19 PM, Blogger Sarah said...

Thanks for leaving a comment to let me know you stopped by my blog ( Your blog is fantastic. I will definately be checking back often.

At April 05, 2008 4:10 PM, Blogger Holly/Admin said...

Let me know if I can help Marcella.


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