Monday, April 28, 2008

Woman Missing 24 Years Held And Raped By Her Father

This is a case which if the police hadn't discovered the Austrian woman based on a tip and instead she arrived at the police station with her allegations, many people would dismiss her reported story as being too bizarre to be credible enough to warrant an investigation.

A few people will find ways to rationalize away the evidence in this case until it becomes something they can accept. Likely that will involve denying much of the alleged crimes against this woman by making her a willing participant who is now lying to hide her own guilt.

Their need for denial will trump all evidence. We see this repeatedly in less horrific cases where rapes are referred to as "rapes" and rape victims are referred to as "rape victims." When they do this they claim that they will believe reports of "real" rapes which involve real trauma but I suspect most of these people will be the same ones who will want to deny the accusations in this case.

Unfortunately, there are people who will commit crimes which most of us don't want to believe anyone who seems normal is capable of committing -- whether that is holding your own daughter as a sex slave or raping your date. That's why it is so important that the police never make instant judgments which determine whether or not there will be an investigation.

The police should investigate all rape reports or they are providing material aid to rapists.

From ABC News:

Police have found a woman missing since 1984, who told authorities that her father had kept her in a cellar for almost 24 years and that she had given birth to at least six children after being repeatedly raped by him.

The 73-year-old father was taken into custody, said Franz Polzer, head of the Lower Austrian Bureau of Criminal Affairs, on Sunday. Authorities found the woman Saturday evening in the town of Amstetten following a tip, Lower Austria police said in a statement.

This woman reported that she gave birth to 6 children from the rapes committed by her father while she was being held in the cellar and one of her children has been hospitalized in serious condition.

Those who are horrified by this case need to remember that if they are against the worst examples of sexual abuse and rape they also need to be against the smallest examples of sexual abuse and rape.

If they don't oppose the full spectrum of sexual violence then they support sexual violence as long as the sexually violent follow certain rape guidelines like not attacking strangers with a knife or a gun.

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At April 28, 2008 4:48 PM, Blogger JENNIFER DREW said...

I too have no doubt the deniers will soon be claiming the woman who was repeatedly raped and sexually abused by her father - yes her father - consented to being sexually abused. Or, deniers will claim 'of course the mother must have known and she must be an accomplice.' Already this case is being described as 'horrific and unbelievable' but it is not unbelievable when society systematically teaches men they have the right of sexual ownership of women and children. When society teaches men and boys it is their right to rape and sexually abuse women and children. When masculinities is defined as domination and control of women and girls. This man enacted an extreme continuum of what is still defined as 'normal masculinitity.' Should we really be surprised when male rapists are excused and blame is consistently levied at women at children. I for one am not - but I will not remain silent when male sexual violence is normalised and excused. There is no excuse or justification for male sexual violence against women and children.

At April 28, 2008 9:45 PM, Blogger Falyne said...

Other sources say there were 7 children, with one twin who died after birth and whose body was burnt.

There really aren't any words I can add to describe this evil.


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