Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Attack On Hillary Clinton Expresses Pundit's Self Hatred

According to GOP consultant Alex Castellanos' own logic and standards of judging others, as demonstrated on CNN, he fears for his life when he is around any woman who is not weak.

The problems with this man's statements go deeper than sexism. The core problem is an acceptance of violent delusions in the mainstream media.

Castellanos said on CNN (transcript via Shakespeares Sister):

And some women, by the way, are named [white bitch] and it's accurate. [...]

But, look, [Hillary Clinton's] very good at playing the professional victim until she gets up closely -- and then she can put a knife in your ribs. [...]

There is no weakness in this lady.

Castellanos is either defending the making of false allegations against women such as Hillary Clinton or he needs to provide specific proof to back up his claim that Hillary Clinton will assassinate him if she gets close enough.

If CNN allows him to continue as a pundit after he made these comments then they are supporting the validity of his allegations and they are undermining their own credibility as a source of logical analysis.

If her not being weak is Castellanos' proof for his allegations then he has conflated a lack of weakness with criminal violence which means that if Castellanos has no weakness then he will put a knife in your ribs.

I guess that would make all men who are as strong as Hillary Clinton white bitches.

If her a landslide primary win in Kentucky is Castellano's proof for his allegations then he has turned voters into assassins which means that all those who voted for Obama in Oregon on the same day were attempting to assassinate Clinton.

If Clinton's decision to stay in the presidential race is Castellanos' proof for his allegations then Barack Obama's decision to enter the 2008 presidential race was a decision to try to assassinate Clinton since she was the clear front runner.

This argument against Clinton turns Mike Huckabee into a white bitch who wanted to slide a knife between John McCain's ribs since he didn't drop out of the presidential race until John McCain got the number of delegates needed to be the Republican nominee. And John McCain must be a successful white bitch who fatally stabbed Mitt Romney and Mike Huckabee since McCain didn't drop out when the pundits declared his campaign DOA last summer.

Of course once we apply Castellanos' logic to judge men, this logic will be seen as illogical, if not delusional, by those who accept it when directed at women. It shouldn't take this application of Castellanos' logic to see him as either delusional or blatantly slanderous.

After all Castellanos claimed on national TV that Hillary Clinton will try to kill him if she gets close enough. The fact that many people reacted to this outlandish claim by agreeing with him informs us only of those people's character and lack of reasoning.

That Castellanos is associated with the GOP unfortunately makes the entire party look delusional when it comes to women. Any woman the GOP approves of must necessarily be viewed as weak since a lack of weakness makes a woman dangerous.

By Castellanos' own logic being an "abrasive, aggressive, uhhh, irrating person" earns someone the label of white bitch. Not surprisingly Castellanos fits his own description of Hillary Clinton. By his own admission not everyone has to agree on this assessment for it to proven true.

That means he and all the the men who talk like him are projecting a judgment of themselves onto Hillary Clinton and all of the women who are tough enough to withstand attacks from men like them.

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