Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Settlement Near For Rape Victim Who Contracted HIV

From the Tennessean:

Metro Nashville is expected to pay $485,000 to settle a lawsuit because its hospital didn't tell a rape victim about drugs that might have prevented her from contracting HIV, and its police department didn't immediately test the rapist for the virus.

City attorneys have advised the Metro Council to approve the settlement next week. The assault victim would be paid $250,000; her husband would receive $235,000.

The woman, who is now HIV-positive, was raped in 2004. Metro Law Director Sue Cain said police did not have a procedure in place to test the suspect for human immunodeficiency virus, which leads to AIDS, despite a state law requiring immediate testing of rape suspects. The suspect was not tested for several weeks.

Those who love to label all rape survivors who file civil suits "gold diggers" may have a harder time slamming this survivor, but I won't be shocked if I read someone doing just that. The hostility against most rape victims runs bone deep in some people.

What this case highlights is how important good procedures are so that effective treatment isn't a matter of luck. Unfortunately, cases like this are often needed to ensure that the agencies which failed rape victims take that failure seriously and fix the source of that failure.

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