Sunday, June 08, 2008

Another Rape Liar Sentenced

As I've mentioned before those who focus on "rape liars" create a narrative about girls and women who reported being raped.

From their narrative, it would seem to be impossible for alleged rapists and those who side with those accused of rape to lie to the police or to try and falsify important information.

That would make the 7 year sentence given to Tyra Cook for hindering the apprehension of her husband and accused rapist, Jody Cook, a miscarriage of justice. Making the police believe that you were conned into believing that your husband jumped from a bridge and hasn't been seen since then becomes impossible when the missing man is living with you.

Mrs. Cook pleaded guilty to several charges and after he was found, Mr. Cook pleaded guilty in the rape case against him.

Those who lie to evade justice for themselves or others are rape liars and those who seem intent on pretending this isn't so are communicating important information about themselves and their values when it comes to rape.

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