Tuesday, June 24, 2008

Do Jerks Commit Rape More?

From a Tango article entitled Do Jerks Get Laid More?:

Two hundred college students took personality tests and were also asked about their number of sexual partners. Only the young men showed a direct correlation between ‘dark’ traits,’ like narcissism, and notches on the bed post. Another study of 35,000 people across 57 countries found a similar correlation ‘between the dark triad and reproductive success in men.’ This data says little about whether these guys are also capable of long-term, lasting relationships, though; it simply what bad boy behaviors will allegedly woo someone into bed.

What many people forget or never learned is that the "woo someone into bed" includes unethical or illegal methods of getting another "sex partner" (an oxymoron for those who have no interest in mutuality).

So if you compare the number of sex partners between unethical young men and ethical young men -- who will willingly stop when the other person doesn't want to have sex -- the unethical young men have higher numbers? Wow, what a surprise.

Despite the spin that notches in the bedpost equals sexual success that simply isn't true. This spin is more than annoying, it is dangerous since it places unethical behavior as the model of how a sexually successful young man behaves.

What would be interesting is to have a survey which looked to see how sexual coercion and force corellated with the so-called dark traits.

We need to call BS on the idolization of young men who practice unethical sexual behaviors. We also need to call BS on the idea that the survey answers given by young men with so-called dark traits says anything about the sexual choices and preferences of women and girls.

Hat tip: Feministe

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