Thursday, June 26, 2008

Knife Toting Man Declares His Innocence

From MSNBC comes this story from San Antonio, Texas:

Deputies from the Bexar County Sheriff's Department had just arrived with their cadets for training when they heard screams coming from the men's restroom. We had a female that was screaming, explained Bexar COunty Training Instructor Joseph Canales. She was totally nude, so we ran to investigate and upon arrival, she was fighting with a male. Canales and his training partner noticed the 48-year-old suspect was armed with a knife.[...]

News 4's crew confronted the suspect. News 4's Kristina De Leon: Were you raping that woman? Suspect: No, ma'am. I tried to, uh, I went inside and trying to take a...use the restroom, and she came out screaming.

The typical excuses are harder to sell when law enforcement officers are the witnesses and one of the officers has to point his gun at the suspect because the man wouldn't drop his knife when ordered to do so and seemed ready to lunge at one of the officers.

The sheriff's spokesperson says that the actions of the trainers may have saved this woman's life.

Those who are always shouting "innocent until proven guilty" when the defendants are "nice" boys or "nice" men accused of rape need to apply their standards to this man because that concept applies to all those who are charged with committing a crime. The concept relates to due process rights, it doesn't require the public to ignore reports about the evidence in a case so that we must assume this man is innocent until he is convicted.

Due process is for everyone, even the clearly violent.

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