Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Preston Wido Found Guilty On 2 Counts

From WHAM Channel 13:

The jury found Preston Wido guilty on two of the nine charges against him.

Although sighs of relief were heard from Wido's family as “Not Guilty” rang out in the courtroom on seven of the nine charges, the mood changed when “Guilty” was read for rape and a criminal sex act for one of the four victims.

Wido and his family and friends appeared anxious in the hallways of the courtroom as they awaited the verdict. Jurors deliberated 25 hours over five days. The defense attorney was disappointed with the verdict--he said it didn't make sense.

After the verdict was read, the district attorney told the judge he received information that Wido was sending threats during the trial. That information led Wido back in jail Tuesday afternoon.

The defense attorney must be wondering how all of his vile attacks on the alleged victims didn't get accepted blindly by the jury. With everything I've read about this case and the alleged crimes I'm not surprised over the report that Wido was sending threats while he was on trial.

Wido could face up to 8 years when he is sentenced next month.

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