Saturday, June 07, 2008

Protest The Pill To Protect Life Or To Mock It?

Apparently today has been declared Protest the Pill Day by the American Life League. Their efforts will focus on protesting at Planned Parenthood sites and informing women that birth control pills kill children in the first days of their life (meaning fertilized eggs).

Their efforts undermine the credibility of their stated belief in this allegation and undermine their commitment to their stated cause.

If giving information about the killing of babies (meaning fertilized eggs) is so important and these people want to ensure that potential parents know that their actions will lead to killing babies, why isn't this group working to inform men that having sex with a fertile woman who are on birth control is a murder attempt?

If women on birth control can be considered killers the moment a sperm reaches an egg then those who inject the needed foreign ingredient for these deaths are actively and deliberately sending their children to their deaths. Except for cases where a girl or woman rapes a boy or man, the boy or man is making a deliberate decision prior to any egg being fertilized and therefore has made the decision to send his child to certain death unless he knows that the girl or woman isn't using birth control and will not use birth control.

So what is the American Life League doing to prevent men from killing their own children?

Are they protesting in front of bars where men look to hook up so they can inform these men that they are sending their children to their deaths?


Are they offering men who don't want to be fathers free vasectomies so that these men will stop killing their children?


This gaping oversight indicates that the protests against Planned Parenthood have nothing to do with trying to prevent the death of children and everything to do with these people's anger at Planned Parenthood and what birth control pills do for women.

If these people truly believed their own claims they would be on the front lines of the fight against sexual violence and they would be working in that area with more vigor than they direct at Planned Parenthood. They would be dedicated to preventing boys and men from trying to force themselves on girls and women.

Instead the American Life League and similar organizations which label themselves as pro-life are AWOL about all but the narrowest spectrum of life issues.

Hat tip: Feministe

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At June 08, 2008 2:48 AM, Blogger sophie said...

Hmm... you wouldn't want to carry this line of logic too far.

There's enough 'forced birthers' in the world already.

I've got to say I really like the idea of taking the protest to the bars though - providing it's carefully formulated such that no-one takes the 'baby murder' theory to the logical conclusion.

At June 08, 2008 8:00 PM, Anonymous Anonymous said...

The "logic" behind the "baby murder" concept is that a fertilized egg or zygote has a full complement of human chromosomes and is capable of developing into a human being. That makes it a single celled human being.

I have often wondered how these people explain the phenomenon of multiple identical siblings, the birth of more than one baby from a single episode of fertilization. Identical twins are common. The Dionne quintuplets were 5 identical sisters born from one fertilized ovum.

After fertilization, the zygote divides multiple times, forming a solid cluster of cells, each of which contains a full complement of chromosomes, each of which can develop into a complete human being. Identical siblings happen when the single fertilized egg divides, fragments, and gives rise to multiple babies.

Most of the time, this does not happen. One baby is born. If one subscribes to the single cell human concept, one has to then believe that human embryonic development is a process in which multiple single cell human lives are created and then ultimately destroyed in favor of the one baby which is born. That is ridiculous! It is scientific evidence that the point at which a human being comes into existence is not fertilization.

The tragic thing is this single cell human concept is used to justify denial of contraception to women or the denial of the morning after pill to women. A coed, fearful of sexual assault, may go on contraceptives in order to protect herself against an unwanted pregnancy, but some pharmacist might try to deny them to her because he or she might believe in single cell humans. Or, and I have read about occurrences of this, a rape victim might be denied the morning after treatment by some provider who, again, might subscribe to the belief in single cell human beings.

As a retired male health care provider, I call it sad what superstition can inflict upon a woman. I apologize for the understatement, but right now I can not come up with a more forceful term.


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