Friday, July 25, 2008

Oklahoma Law And Nursing Home Sex Predators

This story about sex offenders living in nursing homes where other patients are unaware that serial criminals are housed near them is a reminder that rapists don't stop being dangerous at a certain age or level of frailty.

State Rep. Kris Steele of Shawnee and Wes Bledsoe, an advocate for laws to keep predators out of nursing homes, testified before a House subcommittee Tuesday about a bill passed by the Oklahoma Legislature aimed at segregating those who may be dangerous to others.

Oklahoma's bill was the first of its kind in the nation dealing with a problem that is starting to get national attention. [...]

Banning had moved her mother into a nursing home, she said, because she was afraid that she would be assaulted because she was prone to go out walking at night. She said her mother dismissed her fears, asking, "Who would rape an old woman?”

The 83-year-old who did, Banning said, had 59 prior arrests, including convictions for child molestation and rape, and had been sent to the nursing home by a court.

This rape of woman in a place we think of as safe is a reminder that much of the fear-based rape prevention advice does not match the reality of rape. Rapists find their victims in a variety of places and commit their crimes in a variety of ways.

Their behavior and rationalizations are the cause of rape, not raging hormones. When the public forgets that, rapists benefit.

Rape protection must begin at a systemic level which looks at the entire system including unwanted side effects of efforts meant to make us safer.

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