Monday, July 28, 2008

Rapist's Lack Of Remorse And A Mother's Upset Over Victim's Actions

One of the rapists who pleaded guilty in the Washington state gang rape case where MySpace was subject to a search warrant has made the news again.

The unnamed juvenile's lack of remorse has caused the judge to sentence him to jail until he reaches the age of 21.

King County Juvenile Court Judge Michael Hayden sentenced the 17-year-old from Federal Way to more than three years for his "utter lack of remorse." [...]

"He is very upset about what happened," the mother said. "He would never do this against anyone's will forcefully."

The mother said the family agreed to have the boy marry the girl and raise the child, adding that her son was angry at the girl because abortion goes against his religion.

"And rape doesn't?" the judge asked, getting no response.

Good for this judge.

As for her son's support for the sanctity of life, there's no evidence he has any.

According to investigators, the four teenagers got the girl drunk, took turns raping her in the back of a car, then later talked about killing the girl to prevent her from testifying against them.

This boy could have prevented this rape victim from geting this abortion. He and his friends could have made the choice not to rape her. If there is a violation of religion over this abortion, it belongs solely to this boy and to his fellow rapists.

Not surprisingly, this boy who earlier showed no concern for his victim responded with instant remorse. Thankfully, the judge remained unmoved by this display.

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At July 30, 2008 8:48 AM, Blogger James Landrith said...

Three years is not nearly enough.

And his mother should be ashamed of herself for even trying to make such a disgusting plea on his behalf.

Angry at the victim for an abortion due to his rape? He has no right to any anger toward the victim and she has no soul if she thinks that it is even remotely appropriate to subject this girl to such after enduring this horrible ordeal.

Agreed to have him marry her? WTF?

What kind of sick, twisted people are they?

I have as much contempt for those who defend rapists as I do for the actual rapists. Sometimes, even more...


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