Tuesday, August 05, 2008

Asking Forgiveness For Recent Events

When I read Cara's post Update on Kyle Payne I wrote the following comment which quoted from Kyle Payne's statement (you can get the link through The Curvature, I won't link to his blog):

Without the trust that other survivors and other activists had shared with me, a trust that had sustained me and helped me clearly see that there was good in the world, I felt that there was nothing left.

This makes Kyle Payne sound like a trust vampire. His call for forgiveness then becomes a call to let him feed again.

After writing that comment, I knew there was so much more about this case and Payne's PR which could be highlighted, but after reading this:

Recognizing what I feel to be my responsibility as a male ally to feminism, as well as a decent human being, I ask that any women reading this letter who wish to share their responses contact me via email at [...]

All I can think about in relation to Payne is, "Yuck!" and "Please don't give this man what he wants." and "If you encounter anyone whose statements remind you of Payne's, run!"

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At August 06, 2008 4:23 AM, Blogger linrob63 said...

I have not read the letter; and I will not.

The references I have seen here are eerily familiar to some of the things the man who abucted, raped and beat me and sixteen other girls under 13 wrote to me.

Nearly 20 years after my abduction, I sent a letter to him (in prison for having re-offended after being released) telling him how what he had done affected me.

I used the local crisis center mailing address. He wrote back, putting forgiveness on me, never acknowledging all the other children he hurt, all the other lives he trampled.

I do struggle with it. My values lead me to a place where I do not like to give up on people. But I have not yet resolved what it is you do when my values and experience are in conflict.

Thanks for this. It reminds me that the manipulation does not end when the assault does.


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