Thursday, August 21, 2008

Man Confessed To Climbing Through Woman's Window Seeking Consensual Sex

The confession in this Ohio case where the defendant is accused of 4 rapes is one that by the nature of the confession wasn't something that an investigator prompted him to say.

[Prosecutor Sherri Bevan] Walsh said that in a taped interview with Akron Detective Bertina King, [defendant Christopher ] Butts admitted to crawling into the bedroom window of the 21-year-old Akron student. He claimed he asked her if she wanted to have sex and she said, ''OK.''

''If she would have said, 'No, man,' I would have left,'' Walsh said he told King.

Walsh said King didn't believe his account because ''who crawls into a window to have consensual sex?''

Walsh said several of the DNA samples linking Butts to the assaults showed this match only could occur with one in 22 quintillion people.

This confession is nothing like the confession which was suppressed in a rape/murder in Tennessee. The other evidence in this case is also much stronger than in that other case.

I only wish that when non-stranger rapists make this type of claim that prosecutors and jurors considered that these claims express the rationalization of rapists.

Because of the forensics evidence and the confession Butts was found guilty on all the sex crimes he was charged with. He was only found not guilty on 2 counts of robbery.

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