Monday, August 25, 2008

Offering To Sell Rape Of 5 Year Old A Fantasy Not A Crime

That's the strategy being taken by a defense attorney about allegations made by the FBI against Jennifer Richards and her boyfriend, Sean Michael Block, both of San Antonio, Texas.


Richards and Block crafted a deal that, in addition to the apartment and used car, included child care for Richards' 10-month-old daughter, whose sexual service the couple intended to sell later, Rex Miller, the FBI's lead agent on the case, testified. [...]

Authorities said both children are no longer in Richards' custody and that neither child was sold for sex.

After reviewing computers the couple used and listening to taped conversations, Miller determined Block and Richards were making further plans to abduct, rape and "carve up" a teenage runaway. [...]

Ronald Guyer, Block's lawyer, acknowledged the severity of the charges. But Guyer told the judge that there was no evidence that the behavior progressed beyond Block's fantasy.

Offering to sell a child to be raped is not a fantasy, it is an action. Plotting to abduct a runaway is participating in a criminal conspiracy. If these preparatory actions are not crimes then the laws need to change.

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At August 26, 2008 12:07 AM, Anonymous m Andrea said...

Dear god that's just so disgusting.


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