Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Perverting The Course Of Justice Case Falls Apart

From Echo News UK:

TWO young women have been formally cleared of making a false rape allegation – after a series of “lamentable” failures forced the prosecution to drop the case against them.

Jade Russell, 20, and Faye Dimmock, 18, were accused of lying when they told police Ian Cole, 24, had raped Russell shortly after meeting her at the junction of Roodegate and The Gore, Basildon, in the early hours of March 24 last year.

But at Basildon Crown Court, Judge Michael Brooke QC directed the jury to acquit Russell and Dimmock of perverting the course of justice, after Lesli Sternberg, counsel for the prosecution, told the court she would offer no further evidence against them.

This case highlights how hostile and incompetent investigators can be toward rape victims who report being raped. The alleged rapist claimed that he was wrongly accused by reason of consent, but his claim could not been proven. The rape case against him didn't go forward but his version of what happened can now only be described as an unfounded claim. Maybe he believes he had consent, maybe he was only a good liar.

This case contradicts the mythology many rape denialists put forth that all a woman has to do is say, "I was raped" to see a man charged and convicted.

Once investigators decided that the alleged rape victim was a criminal because investigators accepted the alleged rapist's story as fact, she was not informed of her legal rights. She became the suspect but not given the associated rights.

This case is another reminder that investigative and prosecution incompetence benefit nobody but the guilty.

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