Monday, September 08, 2008

Consecutive 5 Year Sentences No Protection To Newest Victim

The reason 3 consecutive 5 year sentences were no protection is those sentences were suspended despite Gary Wayne Jackson having been charged originally with molesting 5 girls.

From KSWO:

TULSA, Okla. (AP) - Prosecutors are seeking to revoke the probation of a 59-year-old suspect in the rape of a teenager who has been charged in Tulsa County with a pornography crime involving the same girl. [...]

In December 1998, [Gary Wayne Jackson of Broken Arrow] was charged in Tulsa County with molesting five girls in Bixby. The case plodded through the system until March 2002, when Jackson received three consecutive 5-year suspended sentences.

This case and others like it with men sex offenders contradict a common claim that I've heard made from a variety of people, mostly from men but also from women, when they learn that a woman sex offender has been given a suspended or otherwise light sentence.

The claim usually goes something like this, "If the genders were reversed in this case and a man were being sentenced for this type of crime against a girl or woman he'd absolutely be in prison for years."

Some of those who make this faulty claim are of the ilk who claim that women are already coddled by too comprehensive rape laws which go far beyond real rape (defined as victim dead or maimed).

Others who make this faulty claim don't deny the reality of sex crimes against girls and women yet their claim reveals that they are only aware of unjust sentences when the perpetrator is a woman. Their comparison data points (with male offenders) seem limited to high profile cases where the defendants got sentences as harsh as the crime those men committed.

This wrong assumption impacts the interactions these people have with advocates who know that all sorts of perpetrators get away with their crimes completely and who know that all sorts of perpetrators who if they are convicted or plead guilty to some crime will be given a sentence which is often underwhelming considering what that perpetrator did to another human being.

Many of these people rightfully disagree with those who say women never make false allegations of rape. Women have made false allegations of rape. But so have men. Some people lie about being crime victims, but a larger number of people lie when they claim to be a victim of someone who lied about being raped.

Just as some people accused of rape have been innocent, some people accused of lying about being raped have been innocent.

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