Wednesday, September 24, 2008

Police Arrest 2 In Kidnapping, Rape Case While Similar Case Remains Open

From the Republican Eagle:

Red Wing [Minnesota] police have arrested two suspects in connection with the alleged kidnap and sexual assault of a local 17 year-old female. [...]

The abduction allegedly occurred Sept. 4 around sunset as the girl was walking down a sidewalk on South Park Street. The alleged victim said she was forced into a white van and taken to a residence where she was sexually assaulted.

Police said initial details were incomplete, but in a follow-up interview, the girl provided the identities of the suspects and the location of the alleged assault.

The girl said she hesitated to provide the information earlier for fear of retaliation. She said the suspects told her they would kill her if she told what happened.

If this rape weren't followed by a similar kidnapping in Red Wing of a woman who managed to break free before she was raped I'm not sure if these arrests would have been made. First there might not have been a second interview and if there were a second interview the girl might not have seen a viable reason to provide additional information which could result in a violent retaliation against her.

In this type of situation a bigoted investigator might sense that this girl was withholding information during the first interview, but would immediately jump to the incorrect conclusion that this girl hadn't been raped after all and was just crying rape.

With the disrespectful way so many people want rape allegations treated when they are made against men who are known to the victim -- usually in the name of protecting the innocent -- this girl's fear was justified.

If you believe that your rapists are likely to face no charges once they falsely claim "it was consensual" and you believe that those rapists don't issue empty threats you will have no reason to trust the police with your life.

Yet for those who rant on and on against those of us who want a fair shot at justice for rape victims -- because we allegedly have a disregard for the innocent -- rape victims never seem to qualify in their eyes as innocent.

At least until rape victims are murdered.

Then the prosecution has real physical evidence and no unreliable victim testimony to muddle up the case. Justice the way it was meant to be. At least in the eyes of those who don't want any man to be convicted of rape based on the testimony of alleged rape victims.

But justice shouldn't be abandoned until rape victims are maimed or murdered.

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