Friday, September 05, 2008

Shorter Sue Carroll: If It Wasn't Brutal It Ain't A Crime

From The Mirror: Helen Mirren is right women must wake up to the reality of date rape by Sue Carroll:

As DCI Jane Tennison, her character in the hard-hitting TV series Prime Suspect, Helen was asked, more than once, to portray the emotions of a cop dealing with victims of brutal rape.

I think she probably understands there's a vast emotional chasm between a woman who's been degraded, violated and raped at knifepoint and someone prevaricating over whether to say "no" in a man's bed.

Isn't it time our justice system recognised that too?

This is such blatant tripe that I considered ignoring it. But it is blatant tripe which is still being bought by too many people who claim to be against all genuine rapes. And it is being sold by news outlets like The Mirror.

Carroll, like many others who actively support date rapists even as they deny what they are doing, takes a 3-step process.

1) Establish that you are indeed sympathetic to fictional rape victims who have been brutalized to the point of making good TV drama where the investigator has nightmares or an emotional breakdown.

2) Summarize most real rapes and most real rape victims in sharp contrast to those fictional victims and fictional crimes.

3) Make a passionate call for reform so that reality will be dismissed in favor of fictional drama.

Imagine what would happen if we followed this blueprint for all non-sex crimes. If you don't measure up to the tortured victims on popular crime shows, you are abusing the criminal justice system if you report that crime to the police.

Having some kid shove you off-balance, grab your keys and steal your car isn't dramatic enough for you to be a real crime victim, you need to be brutally carjacked.

After all there is a vast emotional chasm between a man who's been degraded, violated and robbed at knifepoint and someone prevaricating over whether to say "no" to the question, "Are you going to give me your keys, man?"

Isn't it time our criminal justice system recognized this? If a standard is good enough for rape cases, isn't it good enough for all cases?

To paraphrase Carroll:

Hallelujah! At last someone with the balls to take on the army of hardline law and order types determined to make men culpable every time another man embarks on an ill-advised action.

Per Carroll, every time a crime victim can be described as having taken some ill-advised action prior to the crime, a criminal should get his wings. That's Sue Carroll's logic and she's sticking to it -- but only if you are the victim of rape.

Irrefutable logic does have its limits.

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At September 05, 2008 3:10 PM, Blogger JENNIFER DREW said...

Yes indeed the same standard must apply to all criminal acts. We must demand that no longer can a person claim to have been robbed or mugged unless they can categorically prove beyond a shadow of a doubt they resisted the perpetrator; they suffered physical violence and can prove such violence. Furthermore, no one must be allowed to make false claims that a perpetrator had defrauded or stolen their property unless and until such individuals have suffered physical injury.

Would it be accepted? Of course not, but this is what happens continuously when women rape survivors charge a man/men with raping them. As always, the focus is on the female rape survivor's actions/non actions and the perpetrator(s) actions are irrelevant. No wonder rapists know this crime is one of the easiest commit with the least liklihood of being prosecuted let alone convicted.

Or putting it more succinctly, male sexual entitlement of access to any woman or girl is a right and how dare any woman claim she too has ownership of her body and sexuality. That is heresy since we are not supposed to hold men who commit rape accountable for their crimes. But then, rape apologists and deniers always tie themselves in knots when they attempt to use logic.


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